Packing and Storing Tips

self storage arroyo grande and grover beach area - office

“The first basic rule of storage is that you’ll always have more than you thought.”

  1. To get the best usage from your unit, begin with strong boxes with lids that can be sealed.
  2. Place the largest items along the back wall and stack boxes in the remaining space. Valuables should also be stored in the back of your unit.
  3. Fill the side walls with large items and boxes, leaving space in the center for easy access. Never pack the unit so full that you need to empty it completely to find something you need.
  4. Appliance doors should be wedged open to allow for proper ventilation.
  5. Heavy items will always be the first things to fall on your head, so place them close to the floor.
  6. Plants and food don’t like being in storage so please don’t leave them in your unit.
  7. Don’t lose your key! Cutting and replacing a lock is a $15 charge.

“The second basic rule of storage is that whatever you need
will be stored in the farthest corner of your unit.”